International Footwear Design Competition

The International Footwear Design Competition, organized by Confederation of International Footwear Conference (CIFA) and sponsored by Top Repute Co., Ltd., aimed to create a strong competitive platform to encourage young designers worldwide to make a positive impact towards the industry.

Totally 166 entries were summited by the candidates from 10 countries and regions: China (Beijing and Guangzhou), Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Different factors like creativity, materials usage, aesthetics, appearance and presentation ability were the major elements focused by The Jurors Committee during their voting process. The winners were announced during the Opening Dinner Banquet of SHOES & LEATHER – GUANGZHOU 2017. Furthermore, the winning entries were displayed in the exhibition.

The list of jurors:-

  1. Mr. Hobiter Cao (Guangzhou – China)
  2. Mr. Chen Xiao Ming, Frankie (Guangzhou – China)
  3. Mr. Walter Ma (Hong Kong)
  4. Mr. Mukhtarul Amin (India)
  5. Mr. Eko Bawono (Indonesia)
  6. Mr. Chin Chee Ken (Malaysia)
  7. Mr. Ip Chiu Hing (SABATINA)
  8. Ms. Vivien Hsieh (Taiwan)
  9. Mr. Pairoj Kiattikomol (Thailand)
  10. Ms. Duong Thi Kim Duc (Vietnam)



Individual Group - Female Leisure Winner
- Leaf

Enterprise Group - Male Winner
- All-Climate Freedom Assemble Waterproof Shoes

Individual Group - Female Trendy Winner
The winner of SABATINA Award
- Flourishing

Enterprise Group - Female Winner
- Hydrangea Integrifolia


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